Wooper of Time


If anyone ask why I love this show so much I will show them this. This show has so many good messages that I’ve tried to act out in my own life. I love this show

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↳ anonymous asked: the incredibles or monsters inc?

Jun Senoue - Welcome to Station Square
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Sonic Adventure | Welcome to Station Square 


go fuck yourself phyllis


go fuck yourself phyllis


The Legend of Zelda: 1986 - 2015, NES - Wii U

Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka - Kraid's Hideout
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Metroid - Kraid’s Hideout (nintendo entertainment system)

maaaaaaaaaaaaannn. metroid is a cool game with cool music. you already know this. i really like this song because it brings images of a demented alien clockwork labyrinth to mind, which is pretty close to the description of the area in the game itself.

i wish they would go back to making 2d sidescrolling metroids. yeah, the “fps” ones are fun, they are, but… it’s hard to compare one of the “best games of all time” to a game that’s just “pretty good” and not be disappointed.

I had doubts about Hyrule warriors and I didn’t feel like buying it at first but after seeing the trailers it looks really cool. I can’t wait to play it and see what it has to offer!